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Lakewood Youth Night
Lakewood Youth Night Lakewood vs. Columbine October 23, 2014 Jeffco...
Game Day Reminders
We are so excited about our great start to the season and are looking...
Lakewood Youth Night

Lakewood Youth Night

Lakewood vs. Columbine

October 23, 2014

Jeffco Stadium

6:00 pm


Join us for a great night of supporting the Lakewood Tiger Varsity Football Team.  Each year we invite all of LYFA to join us for a high school football game.  The teams will be introduced on the field at half time and enjoy and evening of Tiger pride.  All players and coaches will get in free to the game.  Parents and siblings will need to pay their own entrance fee.  Please have your Tiger wear their game jersey for this fun night!

by posted 09/19/2014
Game Day Reminders

We are so excited about our great start to the season and are looking forward to more great games in the coming weeks. Some reminders we wanted to share with you and ask for your help with:

There is nothing more fun than cheering on your player and team during a game. What isn't acceptable is yelling at an official, an opposing player, opposing player or opposing team fan. Be respectful. Screaming at officials or coaches will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the game. Remember this is youth sports. There are no NFL contracts being won out there. We all want to win but we also expect you will conduct yourself appropriately and show you Lakewood pride. We want everyone to see how great Lakewood is on and off the field.

Sportsmanship is learned, be a good example to your kids and players. Every parent should have signed a Parent's Code of Ethics which states that you will demonstrate positive support of ALL players, coaches and officials. It all states that you will not coach your player during the game, we have great coaches let them do their job. Your job is to come and support the player and team. By signing the Parent Code of Conduct you also agreed to make sure that all guests behave in accordance, please make sure you let your guests and family know of the rules that you agreed to.

There is to be absolutely no use of tobacco (of any kind) on the sidelines of any LYFA event. Smoking must take place in the parking lot. In the city of Lakewood (so at all practice fields and home game fields) it is against the law to smoke City-owned playgrounds, swimming areas, skate parks, athletic fields, picnic shelters, tennis courts and similar locations in outdoor areas of City parks. The use of any form of tobacco will not be tolerated during LYFA events.

Take your trash with you. Please make sure that your game and practice fields are picked up of all trash before you leave. Respect the fields you are playing on and make sure you leave them cleaner then when you came.

When parking please make sure to read the local street signs and are only parking in designated spots. Parking in an "available area" can block emergency access. Do not block gates or paths to fields. There have been instances where injured players were left on fields while car owners were searched for to move vehicles to allow ambulance access. If this was your child you would be terribly upset, please consider this when looking for a parking space. Police will be called to write tickets and have vehicles towed that are parked in these areas.
Please leave your dog at home. If you bring your dog to a game you will be asked to bring them back to the car. Many of the fields we use do not allow dogs and it is posted at the parks and schools as such. Additionally we had an instance of a beautiful sweet golden retriever lying peacefully next to a parents chair when a big tackle occurred right in front of the dog and parent which carried the two players out of bounds. This mellow dog snapped and sunk his teeth into the thigh of one of the players. Thankfully the child was unharmed as the dog got thigh pad but it could have been different. The best pet in the world is still a dog by nature and can be unpredictable in new and unfamiliar situations.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these reminders please let us know. We appreciate your help with the above issues.

by posted 09/11/2014
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